Varicose Veins are defected or malformed veins that have been stretched out of shape and therefore lost their elasticity. They can appear enlarged, tortuous, and discolored. The values inside the Varicose Vein don't work properly which leads to blood pooling and pressing against the wall of the vein causing discomfort. The result of this condition is called Venous Insufficiency. At least one in every four American women has varicose veins. By their 60's, approximately 70% of women and 40% of men will have this condition.

          Symptoms of varicose veins include:
          1.       Bulging, enlarged, and twisted veins throughout all of the leg.
          2.       Aches, pains, or feeling of tiredness or weakness of legs.
          3.      Night Cramps or charley horses in calf muscle during the night.
          4.       Restless Legs
          5.      Burning or itching sensation in the legs.
          6.       Swollen legs and/or ankles.
          7.      Brownish/red pigmentations on the lower legs.

 The EVLT (Endovenous Laser Treatment) procedure is a quick, minimally invasive laser procedure that leaves no scar and can be performed in our office. The treatment takes less than one hour but allow for up to 90 minutes to complete the procedure. 
Here is what to expect:

  1.       The ultrasound technician uses ultrasound to map out your vein.
  2.       Local anesthetic is applied.
  3.      A thin laser fiber is inserted through a tiny entry point, which is usually near the knee.
  4.      Laser energy is delivered to seal the faulty vein.
  5.       Walking immediately after the procedure is encouraged.

 Ambulatory Phlebectomy is performed in our outpatient setting at The Vein Treatment Center. The patient is given an injection of numbing medication near the bulging vein. Then a puncture is made in the skin near the vein where the vein will be removed from the leg. A bandage wrap will be applied to the treated leg. You will be asked to wear the bandage wrap and prescription grade support hose for 7 days after the procedure.

 Spiderveins & Sclerotherapy is an outpatient procedure that requires an injection of an FDA approved Sclerosing Agent directly into the vein that causes the vein to become irritated and form a clot. This form of treatment may require a series of repeat visits to The Vein Treatment Center for injections until all dilated insufficient veins have been treated. After each treatment session, you will be asked to wear prescription support hose for 5 days.
Varicose Veins